Monday, March 16, 2009

Top 100 Blogs for Developers (Q1 2009) from Jurgen Appelo

The updated list of Top 100 blogs for developer from Jurgen Appelo for Quarter 1 2009 is out, I have always enjoyed reading posts on

What exactly is there for a software Tester:

There are many reason a Tester should follow these blogs just for example:

1. Its such a Treat to read: Beautifully written, ranking have been explained and blogs which are not recently updated are no longer part of the list.

2. One can find a great list to follow on twitter: Just clicked on the link at column Author / Twitter in from of the blog.

3. You will find some great software testers in that list: (Though this has nothing to do with their credibility as a Tester or as Tester's Mentor) Its good to see James Bach’s Blog among top 30, Tester Tested! have made to the list (last time he was in bonus 25 blogs worth reading)

Thanks a lot for the effort Jurgen Appelo.

Time to sync the list in my rss reader :)

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