Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Gradle task to check files/commands in PATH environment variable before running tests

Recently I was debugging a failing tests and it turn out the when Jenkins runs the tests on a remote node shell environment is not initialized hence one of binary dependency of the application under tests was missing.

Add the additional location in the PATH from jenkins
e.g. export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin/
Execute shell  additional path
Force checking in gradle:
In the light of principle like ""treat test code with the same level of care as production code" and To help my fellow tester (and my future self) it's better to add this as check in gradle.
// rest of your build
// Verfied with gradle 4.10
    doFirst {
        def listOfFileToCheckInPath = ['find', 'grep']
        listOfFileToCheckInPath.each { file ->
                throw new GradleException("${file} was not found in any of the folder in PATH: ${System.getenv('PATH').split(File.pathSeparator)}")
 * Static function to verify if a file/command exist in PATH environment 
 * @param file
 * @return true if found, else false
def static isFoundInPath( file){
    def PATH_ENV = System.getenv('PATH')
    def fileFound = PATH_ENV.split(File.pathSeparator).find{ folder ->
        println("Looking for ${file} in ${folder}")
        if (Paths.get( "${folder}${File.separator}${file}").toFile().exists()){
            println("Found ${file} in ${folder}")
            return true
    return fileFound
// Making test task to depend on checkEnv
test.dependsOn checkEnv
The output would look something like:
./gradlew checkEnv
> Task :checkEnv
Looking for find in /usr/local/bin
Looking for find in /usr/bin
Found find in /usr/bin
Looking for grep in /usr/local/bin
Looking for grep in /usr/bin
Found grep in /usr/bin

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