Thursday, March 20, 2008

Use Time Stamp to Create Files or Folder Using Ant

Every now and then we come across a situation where we are in a need of creating folder with the name of time stamp so that we can keep record of every execution, don't we ;-) ?
Its fairly easy to accomplish this in Ant
use tstamp task.
This is how a set a property "START_TIME" and use it to create that file/folder.
<format property="START_TIME" pattern="dd_MMM_yy_HH_mm_ss"/>

<property name="testresults-folder" value="${START_TIME}_TestResults"/>
and create a folder by this property
<mkdir dir="${testresults-folder}"/>

Friday, March 7, 2008

'Testers Are Idiots'

Testers are Idiots
It starts by saing: That’s right: "Testers are idiots. The practice of testing offers no innovation. Testing is boring, manual and repetitive. It’s not a career. Testers aren’t as smart as developers. They’re nit-picky, pencil-pushing quality/process geeks. They’re beside the point and are easily replaced. Testing is not a career; it’s a necessary evil between application users and the brilliance of developers."
These statements are from an audience of testers..

Not really !!