Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why are these Google pages not consistent?

I still see 2008 @ the footer of few google apps.
Here are couple of screen shoots:
@ Google Code (Any hosted project e.g able)

@ App Engine:

This might not seem to be a big deal to many, but according to Adam Goucher "A Stale Site is a Buggy Site"..

I know in last few weeks google made into news for not good reasons first there was "This site may harm your computer" on every search result?!?! Then The Gmail Outage.

Now even the blogger app is showing 2008


There is one more funny thing:

I subscribe to a feed and google showed me this funny message


Any one else observing this?


  1. Note: I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on television, but...

    It's not necessary to update a copyright date just because the calendar year has changed.

    The copyright date is supposed to indicate the date on which the content was created.

    If Google created the content for a page in 2008, and hasn't significantly modified it since, then 2008 is perfectly appropriate, and perhaps even more correct.

    (Otherwise everyone would make the date dynamic, then never deal with it again.)

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  3. @joe, thanks a lot for dropping by:
    1. Thanks for the clarification and I should have not been mixing calender dates with copy rights dates.
    2. When I Go to the home page of these projects like or
    I see 2009 as the copy right date. So have things changed? or they ain't?
    3. Its just the inconsistency of (copy right) date for the same thing have made me notice this.

    4. Thanks again!!

  4. So perhaps it's not a bug as you have implied, and perhaps the site isn't stale.

    Rather than asking "Is it still 2008 for Google?" perhaps you should have said "Why are these Google pages not consistent?"

    And now I ask - do you really care?

  5. Care!! Oh yes I do.
    I really care this much that I blogged. I am one of the user and I really don't want these pages inconsistent.
    Regarding stale to me these pages are stale they have lost there freshness, there is something more fresher available there which I am not using.
    Title, changing it straight away!