Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Testing market in Pakistan.

at http://club.drivenqa.com/ Ahsan Choudry asked me about the Testing market in Pakistan.
(update: club.drivenqa.com now have its own domain this thread can be seen here)
Below is my reply to him on this:

Before sharing my point of view I really want to know how do you see it?
Well it is growing as now organizations are looking for Software Tester. I am doing Software Testing for around Two years now, and I know some great developers in Pakistan but unfortunately i haven't came across many Testers. I am pretty sure that there will be(or there should be) software testers in every organization which develop softwares but i don't see them around on line and a simple googling can reveal it .
But there are people who are doing software testing see the google trends, we(The Testers of Pakistan) are just not verbal enough!
(Update Pakistan Rank 2 by that time)
for me the reason for this is we do not have many institutions teaching Software Testing. When your words are not backed up by your education you wait for you experience to back them up. I am pretty sure you will see more and more Pakistani Testers online pretty soon as our experience will become our Teacher..
The Bottom line is Market is growing, Organizations have Software Testers, They are hiring more and more Testers but we(The Testers) haven't started claiming our cyberspace yet.

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