Wednesday, August 8, 2007

If you ask the question in this way, you're going to do bad testing. (---Michael B.)

> I need to test a parser which takes a .txt file as input (837 health
> care claim) and gives the output as a java claim object.

> Now i have to compare the content of the output against input, and
> check whether the parsing is happening correctly.

> How can I use scripting language(Perl, Ruby, Python) to automate it?
> Which one will be better to use.

If you ask the question in this way, I can practically guarantee that
you're going to do bad testing.

First, ask: What do I want to test?  What problems could I anticipate
here?  What mistake might the developers have made?  What Bad Thing
would happen if something were missing?  If something were too long?
Not long enough?  Not in the correct format?  Not following the rules
of the protocol?  Not following the correct structure for the
object?...and so forth.

THEN ask "How could tools help me to recognize a problem?"

There is almost always /some/ value in picking up a tool and trying to
use it without understanding what you want to use it /for/ (I have a
hammer; now what can I build with it?), but you're more likely to use
the tool properly if you have some kind of motivating question in mind

---Michael B.

Ahmed Mubbashir Khan

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