Saturday, June 9, 2007

Assign Keybord Short cuts to Terminal commands in KDE

I was trying to do this for couple of Days, i even tried adding my command as an item in kmenuedit and assign short cut to it but that was taking way too much of time as it keeps showing the bouncy mouse pointer of in use  :-( .
Here it how you really assign keyboard shortcut your command.
  1. Launch Kcontrol (Control Center) under Regional and Accessibility go to Input Action
     Kcontrol (Control Center)->Regional and Accessibility->Input Action
  2.  Add a new Action with Action Type as Keyboard Shortcut ->Command/URL(Simple)
  3. Select A Keyboard Short cut for it in Keyboard Shortcut Tab
  4. Type your command in Command/URL settings Tab
  5. Apply and enjoy
--  Regards,  Mubbashir  

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